Projects Completed

April 2016

Move to our New House!

Our children were so excited to move to our new home!  The lease at our old home expired and we needed a building with more space for more children.  The new house has plenty of room to play, study and sleep.  The best part is that we're only 100 meters away from the old house!

September 2013

Traditional Dance Costumes & New Bicycles!

Our children were lucky to start their new school year with some fantastic gifts from our donors.  Each received a brand new bicycle, and new costumes for the Traditional Apsara Sunday Dance.  It was such a pleasure seeing their excitement. Thanks to Clare, Jeremy & Wise Cicada Charitable Trust for their generousity!

Vocational Training

Three of our older girls have ambitions to become full-time cooks, thus we raised money from our generous donors (Anja, Anna & Puck) to sponsor their vocational training at a famous and well-regarded hospitality school and NGO in Siem Reap (Ecole Paul Dubrule), as well as purchase a moped for them to get to their new school each day. The course lasts for one year, and involves studying other useful subjects such as English & Computing.

This July, all three girls passed the entrance exam and have been accepted to study bakery beginning in September.  We are very happy for our girls and wish them well in their studies.  We are confident that they will easily be able to find work afterwards.

March 2013

We are happy with our new library/classroom as we can now keep our books safe during the rain season.  Thanks to Ian & friends (for construction), Rose (for the furniture) and Anna & Puck (for the beautiful painting).

February 2013

Our kitchen was traditional, old and often impractical.  Our children were washing dishes in the tubs on the floor, which is uncomfortable for them.  The new kitchen is a dramatic improvement. Thank you Ian & friends.

November 2012

Our friend Jeremy, together with the help of Action Direct Charitable Trust, kindly donated 4 bunk beds and 6 Khmer-style beds to allow us to comply with new guidelines on Minimum Standards on Alternative Care.

New Beds