Our Mission

Our Vision

To provide growth in body, mind and spirit for vulnerable children in a community of peace.

Mission Statement

Cambodia is a country still rebuilding after a two decades long civil war, the atrocities of the Khmer Rouge rule, and the following long civil unrest.  This legacy has lead to 30 percent of the population living below the national poverty line and 80 percent of the people still living in rural areas, sustained mostly only through farming. Education was dealt a severe setback, and the great strides made in literacy and in education during the two decades following independence were obliterated systematically. Schools were closed. Educated people and teachers were subjected to, at the least, suspicion and harsh treatment and, at the worst, execution. After the Khmer Rouge were driven from power, the education system had to be re-created from almost nothing. Illiteracy had climbed to more than 40 percent, and most young people under the age of 14 lacked any basic education.

Those conditions worked together to leave many children vulnerable.  When these vulnerable children cannot be cared for by their families or their communities, Santepheap is there to offers them an improvement opportunity that related to education such as food, clothing, free classes, school supplies, transportation, and health care.

Through Santeheap children gain an education, are provided with nutrition, health care, recreation, cultural and spiritual support.  Our education program supplements the public education, though additional English, computer, Khmer, math, chemistry, history, physics, biology, and geography classes. Classes both at local public school and at Santepheap, free time and playfulness give a balanced rhythm to the lives of our students, who all consider each other brothers and sisters. Finally, we want those vulnerable children who get the support from Santepheap to pursue either higher education or a career, they are provided a transition program. Technological and vocational training are provided to interested youth, and scholarships to those who wish to attend university.

Our guiding principals are growth of the child in body, spirit, and mind within a community of peace. We thrive to meet the principals set down in by the ‘Convention on the Rights of the Child,’ the best interest of the child; non-discrimination; right to life, survival and development; the participation of child in his or her own development and to have their views respected.

Our Story

An American tourist came to visit Cambodia in 2007 and visited a children's house, where children were growing up without proper care or education. He decided to team up with local khmer people to help those children. They created an official non governmental organization to provide for them. The Cambodian Children's House of Peace was created. Since then, the House has benefited thirty children, and has been receiving help from people from all around the world.

Our Logo

Santepheap small logo

The Logo is designed with the following meaning:

The logo is round and consists of two concentric circles. In the outer circle, upper half in Khmer, lower half in English, is the name of the organization: “Cambodian Children’s House of Peace.” Stalks of rice, representing the Cambodian people, separate the upper and lower halves.

In the lower part of the inner circle there is a globe, representing the world community of Friends.  There are four arms extending from the globe, in white, yellow, brown and black, representing the support from around the world of people of all colors.  Inscribed in each arm is a word stating the core values of the CCHP as follows: Growth in Body, Spirit, Mind and Community.

The hands of the arms support a house, in which sit four children, representing the Children of Cambodia served by the CCHP.  They are smiling and arm in arm, representing the peace and harmony of a community nourished in Body, Spirit and Mind.

The color of the background is light blue, as in the flag of the United Nations, and represents peace, with a band of yellow trim, representing the sun. The outer circle is white with blue trim.